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Tell the advantages of precision parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-01
CNC precision parts processing technology is new technology represented by numerical control system of the traditional mechanical manufacturing industry penetration formation of the electromechanical integration products, the processing conditions, such as feed rate and spindle speed, cutting tool selection, etc. , are made by the command set good, the whole process is automatically processing, processing of man-made error is very small, numerical control lathe and the clearance and the error transmission can also compensate by CNC system. Therefore, numerical control lathe machining precision is higher. In addition, numerical control lathe to repetitive operation, good size consistency, reduce the rejection rate. CNC precision parts machining of parts is according to beforehand programmed procedure automatically, keyboard, in addition to the operators, loading and unloading workpieces in the middle of the key working procedure of lathe operation of testing and observation, don't need to do a multifarious repetitive manual operation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity and tension. In addition, precision parts processing usually has better security protection, automatic chip removal, such as automatic lubrication and cooling device. Numerical control lathe don't have to be like general lathe using a lot of tooling, only need a small amount of clamping apparatus. Once the part drawing have modified, need to modify the corresponding procedures, can be in a short period of time to new parts processing. Short production cycle, strong flexibility, multiple varieties of small batch production and the development of new products provides favorable conditions.
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