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Talk about the development trend of precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-23
As engaged in this industry for precision parts machining problems, seems a bit, after all, who would have said I now do not good? But the prospect of domestic fine mechanical processing does not pessimistic. Can say is the setting sun is professional. The current surplus machinery manufacture of professional talents. Ten years ago that in the 90 s, this major is very hot, the time in the industry a large number of enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, many schools and set up the professional. Then in the new century, with the electronic computer, digital automatic technology, network technology and automatic control, equipped with a large number of process, mechanical processing and manufacturing industry gradually be invaded by other professional. And after joining the wto, the manufacturing is lousy couldn't be bad, after enters in the face of manufacturing industry, such as Germany, Europe and the United States and Japan, under the impact of blast. Look out of the street, which vehicles are made? A few are made to share? Look at other industries, for example simple valve, household appliances, import price is higher than the price of the domestic several? The key parts are all foreign technology! Today's manufacturers are the main components to a consumption abroad. Parts processing, actually this passage above is a local online see, said real sense really, but today I want to say is, who is the most fundamental mechanical processing, the prospect of the real prospect of precision parts processing is very good, after the society, whether it is a car, watch, or computer, mobile phone, etc. , which is not necessary to use very fine parts above, where are these parts, all is to rely on fine machining.
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