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Talk about shenzhen precision parts processing machinery production type

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-23
More of a mechanical precision parts processing, shenzhen introduction: mechanical precision parts processing is to point to by a mechanical device to change the shape of workpiece size or performance of the process. Shanghai faction, hot working technology cold working according to processing methods of the difference can be divided into cutting machining and pressure. Hot working common heat treatment, forging, casting and welding. Single production: a single production of different structure and different sizes of products, and rarely repeated. Mass production: the batch to create the same product of the year, the manufacturing process has a certain repeatability. Mass production: production quantity is very big, most of the work place is often repeated a certain parts of a process with a certain processing. Three, the classification of shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing: 1. Design basis: on the part drawing to determine other point, line, face the benchmark, known as design basis. 2. Process benchmarking: parts used in the process of processing and assembling of benchmark, known as benchmark process. Process benchmarking is divided into different according to the use assembly datum, measurement datum and position datum. ( 1) Assembly benchmark: assembly when used to determine the components in the component or product in the location of the benchmark, known as assembly benchmark. ( 2) Measurement benchmark: to test finished surface size and position of the benchmark, referred to as the measuring datum. ( 3) Locating datum: when machining workpiece positioning the benchmark, called the locating datum. As the surface of the locating datum ( Or line and point) , only the first step in choosing raw surface of the blank, the positioning surface of said crude benchmark. In each working procedure has been machined surface can be adopted as a locating datum, the positioning surface of the said fine benchmark.
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