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Talk about shenzhen basic knowledge of the commonly used mechanical parts processing machinery parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-08
More metal materials are divided into ferrous metal materials and non-ferrous metal materials. Black metal materials including all kinds of steel, cast steel and cast iron, has good mechanical properties, Such as strength, plasticity, toughness, etc. ) , the price is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, and can meet the requirements of a variety of properties and USES. In all kinds of ferrous metal, due to the high performance steel alloy, and is often used to make important parts. Non-ferrous metal materials such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy, bearing alloy, has the advantages of small density, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, usually there can also be used for friction, abrasion and corrosion resistance requirements of the occasion. Non-metallic materials refers to the polymer materials such as plastic, rubber, synthetic fiber and ceramic, etc. High polymer material has many advantages, such as abundant raw materials, density is small, at the appropriate temperature range has good elasticity, good corrosion resistance, etc. The main defect is easy ageing, many of which material flame retardant is poor, on the whole, heat resistance is not good. The main characteristics of ceramic materials are extremely high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high melting point, big stiffness and density is smaller than steel, etc. At present, the ceramic material has been applied in sealing parts, rolling bearing and the structure of the cutting tool and so on. Its main drawback is that is crisp, fracture toughness, low expensive, poor fabrication procedure. Composite material is refers to the use of two or more than two obvious different physical and mechanical properties of materials by the compound process and get the required performance of a new type of material. Such as glass, graphite ( Carbon) , boron, plastic and other non-metallic materials composite can be all kinds of fiber reinforced composite materials. In plain carbon steel surface attached with a plastic, can obtain high strength and corrosion resistant plastic compound steel plate, the main advantage is that have higher strength and modulus of elasticity, and quality is very small, but also has poor heat resistance and low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of faults. In addition, the price of the composite material is more expensive. So the composite material is mainly used in aviation, aerospace and other high-tech fields, in civilian products, composite materials have some applications.
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