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Take a look at the batch processing of related content

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-29
Take a look at the batch of parts processing technology of relevant content, components, design of mechanical parts, should not only satisfy the use requirement, namely the required work ability, at the same time should also meet the production requirements, otherwise it may not be able to make out, or is not economic to produce but work fee. In the concrete conditions of production, such as the design of mechanical parts for processing and processing cost is low, this part is called a good manufacturability. The basic requirement of manufacturability is: ( 1) Blank to choose reasonable mechanical manufacturing blank preparation methods include: direct use material, casting, forging, stamping and welding, etc. Blank choice related to the specific production technology conditions, generally depends on the possibility of production, material properties and processing, etc. ( 2) Simple structure and reasonable design the structure shape of parts, p good use the most simple surface ( Such as plane, cylinder, helical surface) And their combination, and at the same time should also try to minimize the machining surface minimum number and area. ( 3) Appropriate manufacturing precision and surface roughness of parts processing cost are increased with the improvement of accuracy, especially in the case of high precision, this increase is very significant. Without sufficient according to, therefore, should not be the pursuit of high precision. Similarly, the surface roughness of the parts should be according to actual needs of the matching surface, make appropriate provisions. Technology to design the good parts, and the designers must be combined with technology staff and learn from them. In addition, the metallurgical technology in the curriculum and the manual also provides some basic knowledge about manufacturability, available for reference. Second, the batch parts processing & ndash; — The standardization of parts: standardized refers to set standards and carry out standard as the main content of all activities. Standardized research field is very broad, in terms of industrial product standardization, it refers to the product varieties, specifications, quality, inspection, or safety and health requirements set standards and implement. Product standardization itself includes three aspects: the meaning of ( 1) Serialization of products specifications & ndash; — Main parameters of the same kind of product, type, size, structure, etc. , in turn, step, made of series products, with fewer varieties specifications can meet the needs of the user's wide; ( 2) Spare parts of & ndash; — The same type or different types of products in use structure similar parts ( Such as bolts, bearing, coupling and reducer, etc. ) Gm swap, after unified implementation; ( 3) Product quality standardization & ndash; — The quality of products is all enterprise & other; The lifeline throughout the &; To ensure the quality of products must be qualified and stability design, processing, assembly, inspection, and even the packaging storage and transportation of standardization. In this way, can be in an impregnable position in the fierce market competition. The product standardization is of great significance: can implement specialized universiade on manufacturing production, can improve the product quality and reduce cost; In the aspect of design can reduce design work; In terms of management, maintenance, can reduce inventory level and is advantageous for the replacement of damaged parts. Mechanical parts - Ability to work a variety of mechanical parts machinery and engineering structures are made up of several components. These artifacts as they work to tolerance, to ensure that working conditions and the service life of the component within the prescribed period to work, must meet the following requirements: 1, have enough strength to ensure that the component does not occur under the action of external force damage, is a precondition for component can work normally, so the strength of the component refers to the component's ability to resist damage under external force. 2, have enough stiffness component of deformation under the action of external force should be within permitted limits. Component's ability to resist deformation under the external force, is the component of stiffness. 3, have enough stability some slender rods ( Or thin-walled components) When the axial stress reaches a certain value, will lose the balance of the original form and loss of working ability, this phenomenon is called instability. The so-called stability is the ability to balance components to maintain the original form. Component, the strength, stiffness and stability is related to the mechanical properties of materials used, and the material mechanics performance must be measured in experiment. In addition, some practical engineering problems so far cannot solve by theoretical analysis, must rely on experimental method. In the practical engineering structure, many bearing components such as Bridges, automobile transmission shaft, houses of beam, column, etc. , the length direction is much larger than the size of the cross section size, this kind of components in the study of mechanics of materials, often referred to as the bar, bar all the cross section shape of heart connection, called the axis of the stem, if axis is straight line, it is called a straight rod; Axis for the curve, it is called a curved bar. All of the cross section shape and size are the same rod called constant cross-section rod; Different person called variable cross-section rod. Mechanics of materials mainly studies cross-section rods, etc. Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, batch parts processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980!
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