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Sweep the floor, and use intelligent precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-02
It is reported, home intelligent precision parts processing products in the future will be rapid growth, 2018 - Sales will reach 32. 4 million units in 2020. Among them, the sweeping intelligent CNC parts processing products will be the fastest growing niche. As the Internet generation are adults, more housework will be replaced by intelligent mechanical parts processing products, they than the previous generation and intelligent service robot has more preference. Domestic robots sweeps the floor in the market, the market will be divided into five types of mechanical parts processing enterprises involved, competition is very intense. The first type, precision parts processing giant abroad, including philips, samsung, panasonic, etc. The second type, precision parts processing contract transformation, including voss, smart, bei and etc. The third class, home appliance mechanical parts processing enterprises, haier, midea, etc. ; The fourth class, represented by millet Internet giant into intelligent CNC parts processing; The fifth class, other small and medium-sized ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. With the domestic smartphone is dissimilar, precision parts processing industry of domestic robot sweeps the floor is not a simple mechanical parts processing and assembly production, on the CNC parts processing core technology, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has been quite a breakthrough. Section, the first is to do, for example, started with the global metal parts processing business, independent brands in the era of sweeping service robot began to transition path. Sweeping intelligent precision parts processing products constantly upgrading and segmentation, is also the result of the market demand oriented. From wisdom 'sweep' upgrade intelligence 'wash', but also qualitative leap in the replacement of 'human' clean, category expansion is not simple sense. Lazy economy, the consumption of the new age, old people just need and policy support, will accelerate a service-oriented intelligent CNC parts processing products market rapid rise, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory and can get a new wave of development.
The global market was valued at mechanical parts manufacturer in mechanical parts manufacturer and is expected to reach a market value of mechanical parts manufacturer by mechanical parts manufacturer, with a CAGR of mechanical parts manufacturer during the forecast period.
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