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Structure design of high precision spare parts mainly include?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-01
More lumen and appearance of 1, precision parts processing, had better use the geometry type and size of unity. This reduces tool specifications and the number of tool change, make programming convenient, production efficiency improvement. 2, the size of the groove fillet decision within the size of the cutter diameter, thus the groove fillet radius should not be too small. The groom parts manufacturability and processed outline and speak to the size of the arc radius and so on. 3, precision parts processing, milling bottom plane large radius r should not be at the bottom of the tank. 4, should adopt a unified benchmark position. In precision CNC processing, if there is no unified benchmark position, will be caused by the workpiece reinstall after processing the two surface contour position and size of the phenomenon. To avoid problems, ensure its relative position after two clamping processing accuracy, should adopt a unified benchmark locating. Note: parts suitable bore as positioning reference hole is the best, if not, bore to set up the process as a locating datum ( Such as lugs on the blank increase process or in the subsequent process to go milling technology hole on the margin of setting) 。 If failing to make hole, at the very least, also want to use after finishing the surface as a unified benchmark, in order to reduce the error produced by the two clamping. In addition, still should be analyzed parts required by the machining accuracy, dimensional tolerance, etc can be guaranteed, do you have any cause contradictory redundant dimension of the closed dimension or affect the process arrangement, etc.
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