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Stainless steel material processing technology difficulty parsing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-16
More 1, large cutting force, cutting temperature is high, the type of material strength, cutting the tangential stress, plastic deformation, thus cutting force. Addition materials thermal conductivity is poor, cutting temperature, and high temperature are often concentrated near the cutter blade is long and narrow area, so as to speed up the tool wear. Non-standard parts processing, work hardening 2: stainless steel and some high temperature alloy stainless steel are austenitic organization, when the cutting work hardening tendency, usually several times of ordinary carbon steel, tool cutting in the area of the strain hardening, shortening the knives' service life. 3, easy to stick knife: austenitic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel when there are processing chip is strong, the characteristics of cutting temperature is very high; When strong chip through the rake face, will produce the glue phenomenon, such as bonding, welding, surface roughness affect machining parts. 4, tool wear speed up: the above-mentioned material containing high melting point elements, plasticity, high cutting temperature, increased tool wear, sharpening, tool change frequently, which affects the production efficiency, improve the tooling cost. 5, when drilling, due to the stainless steel material thermal conductive performance is poor, modulus of elasticity is small, and more difficult to machining. Solve this kind of material machining problem, main is to choose appropriate cutting tool material, determine the reasonable tool geometric parameters and cutting tool cutting parameter. When drilling the above-mentioned material, bit generally should choose the material such as W6Mo5Cr4V2Al, W2Mo9Cr4Co8 bit, these material bit defect is price is quite expensive, and difficult to purchase. 6, with the commonly used W18Cr4V standard high speed steel drill bit, drilling due to apex Angle smaller, outside the chip are too wide to timely discharge hole, cutting fluid is not cooling bit faults in time, coupled with the stainless steel material thermal conductivity is poor, lead to focus on the blade cutting temperature, easy to cause the two plane of blade and the blade after burn and the collapse edge, reduce the service life of drill bit. 7, drilling, the selection of cutting parameter from the fundamental point of lower cutting temperature, under normal circumstances, the cutting speed to 12 - — 15 m/min is more appropriate. Feeding effect on tool life is small, but feeding choices too small makes cutting tool in cutting hardened layer, increase the wear; And feeding if too big, can make the surface roughness. Comprehensive the above two factors, feeding choice is 0. 32 - — 0. It is advisable to 50 mm/r. 8, to avoid even the appearance of chip stick knife, knife knife before and after surface grinding carefully to ensure that with smaller roughness value, thus reducing the chip outflow resistance, avoid chip knife. 9, pay attention to the grinding chip breaker groove, because the stainless steel scrap has strong characteristics of chip breaker groove grinding tool rake surface should be appropriate, so that the chip cutting process interruption, chip capacitors, chip removal is convenient. Non-standard parts processing
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