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Society will be useful, CNC machining center programming tips

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-31
More 1, using the computer simulation system with the development of computer technology, the expansion of the numerical control processing teaching, nc machining simulation system is more and more, its function is increasingly perfect. Therefore, it can be used to preliminary inspection procedures, watching the movement of the cutting tool, to determine whether there is a possible collision. 2, the use of analog display function of CNC machining center with the general advanced CNC machining center are graphic display function. When the input program, you can call graphics simulation display, watching the movement of the cutting tool path in detail, in order to check the cutter and workpiece or jig for possible collision. 3, the empty running function of CNC machining center empty running function of CNC machining center can be used to check the correctness of the feeding path. After program input CNC machining center, can be equipped with tool or workpiece, then press the run button, the spindle not turn, workbench trajectory by the program to run automatically, can be found at this time if there's any possibility of cutting tools and artifacts or jig touching one another. In this case, however, must ensure a workpiece, hold the cutting tool; Cutting tool when loading, there will be no artifacts, otherwise it will collide. 4, the locking function of CNC machining center CNC machining center has a locking function ( Full lock or single spindle lock) 。 After the input program, locking the Z axis, it can be through the Z axis coordinate values judgment whether the collision will happen. The application of this feature to avoid such as tool change, otherwise unable to make the program through. 5, coordinate system, knife repairing Settings must be correct when starting CNC machining center, be sure to set up CNC machining center reference point. CNC machining center coordinate system should be consistent with the programming, especially the Z axis, if wrong, the possibility of the encounter between the cutter and workpiece is very large. In addition, the tool length compensation Settings must be correct, otherwise, either empty processing, or collision. 6, programming is the nc machining programming skill essential link, improve programming skills can largely avoid some unnecessary collision. Milling workpiece lumen, for example, when the milling is complete, need cutter fast back to 100 mm above the artifacts, if use N50 G00 X0 Y0 Z100 programming, then the three axes linkage CNC machining center, milling cutter is likely collision with the workpiece, the cutting tool and the workpiece damage, seriously affecting precision CNC processing center, then can use the following procedure N40 G00 Z100; N50 X0 Y0; The tool back to the first 100 mm above the artifact, programming and then return to zero, thus not collision.
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