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So what kind of precision machining precision parts need?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-20
So what kind of precision machining precision parts need? In the process of production operation, the need for manufacturing and processing of different artifacts, in fact largely due to the needs of customers. Have some part of the parts is used for precision equipment, such as electronic equipment, etc. , this type of precision parts in processing complexity is higher, and now many manufacturers can't mass production of a difficulty. Generally requires precision machining parts quantity requirement will be less, but processing more complex shape. Precision parts processing, though not need very complicated tooling, but need some more diverse shapes, this is also the difficulty of the workpiece manufacture. In the machining process, because the crucial need relatively stable quality level, and a high degree of accuracy for machining, so the need for precision machining. More common in our daily life is a precision optical fiber tail handle shaft and so on, some of these parts need to be processed not visible to the naked eye, so for operation personnel processing technical requirements is relatively high. For precision parts processing, the way to imitate: way after generation we usually effect of it on the machine performance is not intuitive feeling. Here we can to see there may be doubt after a way to imitate, thus to reduce rejection rate for machining practice. General appearance of the point of view on the workpiece, the cut is a cut or owe, another is the technology program of way is reasonable or not. Ningbo given yuan precision machinery co. , LTD. Precision parts and components, because with the level of accuracy and surface roughness of nc machining, generally there are a lot of, so in the actual choice, want to combine parts of shape, size, and fully consider the heat treatment requirements, etc. For IT7 level precision hole boring, ream, grinding and other processing methods can meet the precision requirements, but the two holes of the box body generally adopt boring or ream, rather than by grinding. Generally small size of box body hole reaming. Precision parts should choose boring when large aperture. Productivity and efficiency requirements, should also be considered and factory production equipment, etc. The actual situation. Common economic process machining accuracy and surface roughness can consult relevant technical manual. Processing scheme to determine the principle of relatively on the surface of the precision parts processing, often through roughing and semi-finishing and finishing step by step. Precision machining on the surface according to quality requirement only choose corresponding processing methods are not enough.
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