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Shenzhen what technical requirements need to comply with the mechanical processing plant?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-12
More 1, first in the mechanical processing, parts processing on the surface, there should be no damage on the surface of the parts defects such as scratch, scratch. Parts to remove oxide skin; No note tolerances shall comply with GB1184 - shape 80 request, not note length allowed deviation plus or minus 0. 5mm; Symmetry in rough casting casting tolerance zone basic size configuration. 2 assembly, mechanical processing, and the hot charging rolling bearings allow used engine oil heating, oil temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃, the assembly of the hydraulic system allows the use of packing or sealant, but should prevent into the system, enter the assembly of parts and components, all must have the certificate of inspection departments can undertake assembly. Shenzhen machinery factory 3, parts must be clean before assembly and clean, can not have burr, flash, scale, rust, chip, oil, stain and dirt, etc. ; Before assembly to the main dimension zero, components, especially interference fit the size and the related accuracy for review; Parts are not allowed to knock, touch in the process of assembly, scratches and corrosion. 4, in machining screw, bolt and nut fastening, do not blow or use of unsuitable whorls and wrench. After fastening screw groove, nut and screw, bolt head is allowed to damage; Tightening torque requirements of fasteners, torque wrench must be used, and in accordance with the provisions of torque to tighten, adhesive after the flow of excess adhesive should be removed. 5, bearing outer ring and the open type bearing and the bearing cover of semicircle holes are not allowed to have stuck phenomenon; Bearing outer ring and the open type bearing and the bearing cover of semicircle holes should be good contact, use color to check, and bearing in the symmetry in the center line of 120 °, 90 ° with bearing cover in symmetry in the centerline of the range should be uniform. When using a feeler check in the above scope, 0. 3 mm feeler into 1/3 of the width of the outer ring is not allowed. Six, bearing outer ring assembly after contact with the positioning end bearing cover face should be uniform, rolling bearing installed by hand after the rotation should be flexible, smooth, the combination of upper and lower bearing surface to close and, with 0. 05 mm feeler check does not enter the; With dowel bearing shell, should ensure tile edging in plane and end face and the related bearing hole opening and closing of the surface and side of bread leveled state under a hinge, distribution. After the pin into the shall not be loose. 7, alloy bearing bush yellow on the surface, are not allowed to be used within the prescribed contact Angle from nuclear phenomena, no outside contact Angle away from the nuclear area shall not be greater than 10%, the contact region gear ( Worm gear) Reference face and shoulder ( Or locating sleeve ends) Should be nicely, with 0. 05 mm feeler check does not enter the. And shall ensure that the reference face gear and the axis of vertical degree requirements. 8, casting sand, core sand and core should be clean, casting a tilt of the parts and its dimension tolerance zone should be symmetrical configuration along the rake face, the casting is not allowed to exist beneath the use of cold, cracks, holes and other casting defects. All the need for coating of steel surface before painting, must be rust, scale, grease, dust, dirt, salt and dirt removed. Shenzhen mechanical processing plant
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