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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-08
Though foreign machining industry started earlier, but the equipment investment is very high, they used equipment are very advanced, and artificial cost is high, so in many western countries began to seek new ways, while shenzhen precision machine factory is a good choice. Thanks to shenzhen yuan give boss engaged in machining industry for many years experience and professional technology, yuan gives the company by the boss personally led, fundamentally to help customers solve problems, to win the recognition of many customers! Several in 2019/8/25, the company ushered in the Indonesian customers, shenzhen yuan give weeks personally reception, this is also given yuan precision technology co. , LTD. Welcome foreign customers for the first time, first time cooperation, customers always asked weeks, your core technology is mainly to do? Mechanical parts processing, CNC lathe parts processing, processing of shaft parts. In the mouth of them that said a lot to do machining of all say it can do, that also can do, but can't help them to solve the problem. Weeks always said: our company mainly lathe, such as mechanical parts machining, CNC lathe parts, shaft parts processing, such as customer survey of yuan gives technology professional, open the image file at the scene of the communication, always asked weeks for this image file of the entire process, from material procurement, processing scheme, how to ensure the precision of the products, such as how to protect the appearance of the product. Material we have proved that the precision of product requirements is very high, so the company adopted the car milling compound, a processing molding, and strengthen the protection of finished products, precision and appearance are up to the customer's requirements. Very satisfied after you receive the customer service and quality of yuan give have a high evaluation, and said in the future look forward to cooperating with week there is always more. Shenzhen yuan gives the car milling compound machining of mechanical parts processing, CNC lathe parts processing, shaft parts processing, and weeks total from 18 years of experience in professional and technical guidance, staff made to the product quality and appearance of guaranteed, at the same time we to product packaging value, depth validation from Indonesia customer.
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