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Shenzhen precision parts processing - The development of precision forming and application

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-06
More precision casting, precision mold forming sheet, plastic processing, precision forming technology in industrial developed countries attach great importance to and priority to the development of and spend a lot of money. In the 70 s, the U. S. air force to establish the 'forging process modernization program host, the purpose is to make forging is an important technology to realize modernization, more use of CAD/CAM, make the new forging manufacturing cycle reduced by 75%. Shenzhen precision parts processing, in 1992, the U. S. defense department puts forward the key technology 'military' list, which includes the pressure molding process, such as CNC computer control spinning, plastic deformation and shear forming machinery, superplastic forming/diffusion bonding process, hydraulic stretch forming process of precision plastic molding process. Abroad in recent years also developed in products of aeronautics and astronautics as an object of 'large forged die forgings and blade precision forging technology', 'rapid solidification powder laminating process', 'large complex structure power spinning forming technology', 'super difficult deformation material molding process', 'advanced materials forming technology', etc. Super molding technology in China also have application in aviation and aerospace machinery industry, such as satellite components for the aerospace industry, such as missile and rocket cylinders, super molding method is used to manufacture the reconnaissance satellite qin alloy recovery tank. 3 mm, the shape is more complex. In addition, has been widely used abroad made precision mould pressing forming technology. Commonly used in precision parts processing mould pressing forming technology, such as occlusion of the precise forming of the forging, adopting the principle of shunt and isothermal forming has been used in foreign countries, such as military production. Shenzhen precision parts processing currently, precision moulding technology is less used in our country, has poor precision and accuracy of plus or minus 0 abroad. 05 - 0. 10 mm, our country is plus or minus 0. 1 - 0. 25mm。
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