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Shenzhen precision parts processing more intelligent?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-07
More intelligent manufacturing technology is artificial intelligence can be incorporated into the manufacturing process of each link, by simulating the human experts intelligent activity, replace or extend some of the mental work of manufacturing systems, in the process of manufacturing system can automatically monitor the running status, under interference or internal incentives can adjust its parameters automatically, in order to achieve the best condition and self-organizing ability. New CNC edm machine adopted fuzzy control technology and the expert system of intelligent control technology. Shenzhen precision parts processing fuzzy control technology is a computer monitor to determine the status of electrical discharge machining gap, within the scope of the stable arc automatic selection efficiency to achieve the highest machining conditions; Automatic monitoring process, to achieve the most stable process control technology. Adopts the man-machine dialogue method of expert system, according to the requirements of the processing conditions, and the reasonable input value can be created automatically after the process, combination of optimum processing condition to carry on the processing. On-line automatic monitoring, adjustment process, realize the optimization control precision parts processing process. Expert system in detecting processing conditions, as long as the input machining shape, electrode and workpiece material, position, target roughness value, amount of electrode scaling, manner, such as taper value indicators, can be automatically calculated and configure the best processing conditions. The application of the expert system of intelligent technology make it easier for machine tool operation, lower technical level requirements for operators. Shenzhen precision parts processing
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