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Shenzhen precision parts processing for the parts precision control standards

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-08
Given more shenzhen yuan industrial co. , LTD. , now has CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic lathes and other series of processing facilities and height gauge, two dimensional, mass spectrometer, hardness tester, micron micrometer and other testing equipment, specialized is engaged in the medical, electronic, optical, communications, toys, plastic and so on shenzhen CNC machining, CNC lathe parts precision hardware parts development and production. We must deepen the influence of some unique environment a plan, because we need to know is that we must be adjusted, like what we do measure the product at the time of processing requires a specific regulation, there also must be within a certain range of error. Shenzhen precision parts processing CNC precision parts processing should be used in the structure has been control and production of parts and components, especially as far as possible choose standard parts. In the same structure, the same parts as far as possible. Should make interchangeable parts, in the case of high accuracy, can be designed adjustment link, as far as possible do not use selective assembly. Molding process is associated with specific production conditions, for a certain production technology conditions good structure, and in another production under the condition of not necessarily is good. The improvement of the common principle has the following several structural manufacturability. CNC precision parts processing is easy to manufacture blank. Blank manufacturing method of casting, forging and welding, etc. , should be in accordance with the requirements of the use of mechanical parts, production batch and choose the specific manufacturing condition. To facilitate the clamping work; As far as possible to reduce processing area; Try to use standard and reduce the kinds of tools; Facilitating tool entry and exit; Selection of parts size tolerance and surface roughness. Precision machining, in fact, as a kind of processing the type of its main application field is in a few large machine above some of our special products is also need such processing, relative to the general processing such processing to a certain level more prominent our application, close to our normal use, also we formulated a series of environment to be able to understand the specific loss.
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