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Shenzhen practicability and characteristics of precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-07
More shenzhen, shenzhen practicability and characteristics of precision parts processing precision parts processing is of great practical in real life, why so say, because when a machine at work is in need of some good parts to maintain the normal operation of the machine, so the precision parts is a good choice, a lot of common parts at work would appear, for example what the rust, the broken problem, but if you are using the precision parts processing almost wouldn't appear such similar problems, so the precision parts in real life should be good to advocate a kind of very good parts are used. Shenzhen precision parts processing and its main characteristics; Precision automatic lathe, there are five groups of tool post, fine-tuning parts were equipped with micrometer to achieve high precision; According to the workpiece machining processes can be installed more than 10 knife. Biaxial device; Main shaft adopts the electromagnetic clutch, drive tapping spindle, using high speed rotating mechanical spindle rotary difference of same direction with tapping, biaxial can shake transformation processing, reaming, tapping the internal and external teeth can finish in one time at the same time. Because five machine tool with two shaft in machining process can work at the same time, so this kind of machine tool faster than the speed of numerical control machine parts 4 ~ 6 times. Complex parts, synchronization can be cylindrical, spherical and conical surface, circular arc surface and steps, cutting groove, drilling, tapping, die, embossing, cutting and processing, one can complete all the machining process, machining accuracy is extremely high, no need manual operation, automatic feed completely realize full automation, more than one person can see. At the same time can also use milling tooth gear processing and external thread, can thoroughly solve the problem of die hard to processing, and processing double thread. Structure of precision, through the CAM to control production, CAM every turn a rotating a parts processing is completed. CAM speed 1. 0 ~ 36 r/min, and may be adjusted according to the different machining parts, 36 parts can be processed per minute the fastest.
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