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Shenzhen mechanical processing factory which is we do not know?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-31
More one, first of all, is the common use of the mechanical processing equipment: including digital milling machine, digital display molding grinding machine, digital lathe, electric spark machine, universal grinder, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe and other equipment, these devices can make use of precision parts of the car, milling, planing, grinding, such as machining, the machining precision can reach 2 um. Second, the machining process with the machining: mechanical processing of transportation of the production process including raw material storage, production preparation, wool embryo manufacturing, parts of processing and heat treatment, product assembly and debugging, etc. Through the mechanical processing, can change the shape, size and performance of raw materials, making it conform to the requirements of the finished product. This process is also called process, is made up of one or several of order process. Shenzhen mechanical processing plant, mechanical processing production type: mechanical processing, the production type can be usually classified into three kinds as follows: 1, single production, is a separate production parts, rarely repeat production. 2, batch production: is the batch of production of the same parts. 3, a large number of production: when large amounts of product manufacturing, you need to often repeated a parts production. Parts of the process to develop, because parts of production types; Therefore, processing methods, equipment, tools, from these aspects, such as blank and technical requirements are different. Four, mechanical processing of note: 1, to facilitate the processing operation, try to reduce unnecessary bending over, step stool. 2, positioning should be accurate and reliable, to prevent vibration, caused the error. 3, equipment operation and the direction of a by the operating direction to meet the prescribed requirements, and be simple and easy. 4, set up necessary interlock mechanism to prevent uncoordinated movements appear in the operation, lead to danger. 5, the structure of the handle, hand wheel, buttons, and are positioned to meet the requirements. Generally start button should be installed in the casing, and installed to prevent accidental touch with ring, shaft lever should be equipped with automatic out on the device.
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