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Shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing method

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-09
More everybody is good, you know what is the method of mechanical precision parts processing in shenzhen? One thing to talk is processing goods is need mechanical processing equipment. Up there with machine, drilling machine and lathe. Machine drilling machine bed type is various, different sizes. The variety of modern machine tools is almost unlimited. Some small machine tool can be installed on the workbench, some bigger machine tool to create a special workshop ability to accommodate. Some machine tools appropriate brief, and some of the machine tool structure and the operation is very messy. Shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing methods: drilling precision parts processing drilling machine refers to the main machining hole with a bit on the parts of machine tools. General bit rotation movement, bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine structure brief, machining accuracy is relatively low, drilling hole, blind hole, replace the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming, or tapping for processing. Drilling machine can be divided into the following types: a, milling drilling machine, horizontal moving workbench but, drill shaft straight Anton, milling drilling machine. Second, flat end face base hole drilling machine: cutting axial end face and the base drill base hole drilling machine. Three, horizontal drilling machine: spindle level settle, spindle box of drilling machine can move straight. Four, radial drilling machine, rocker arm round pillar inversion, lift, general level of the spindle box can be made on the radial movement of drilling machine. It is suitable for large and different bearing hole processing. Five, the deep hole drilling machine: using special deep hole drill, workpiece rotate, drilling deep hole drilling machine. Six, vertical drilling machine, the spindle box and workbench settled on the column, spindle drilling machine straight settled. Seven, bench drill: can be placed on the worktable, small drilling machine spindle straight settled.
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