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Shenzhen mechanical alignment error and positioning precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-10
More and more. Positioning error of mechanical precision parts processing. One is the benchmark misalignment error. On the part drawing is used to identify a surface the benchmark which is the basis of the size, location, known as design basis. In working procedure chart is used to determine the process by machining surface after the benchmark which is the basis of the size, location, known as process datum. To the workpiece in the machine tool for processing, must choose some geometric elements on the workpiece as the locating datum when processing, if the chosen positioning datum and design datum don't overlap, can produce benchmark misalignment error. The second is inaccurate positioning manufacture error. Fixture on the positioning of the elements according to the basic size cannot be absolutely accurate, their actual size ( Or position) Changes are allowed within tolerances specified respectively. Surface of workpiece positioning and orientation of fixture elements constitute the vice, due to the positioning vice manufacture are not accurate and positioning artifacts caused by the fit clearance between maximum position changes, known as deputy produce inaccurate positioning error. 2. The adjustment of the mechanical precision parts processing error. In the every process of mechanical precision parts processing, always on the process system to adjust the work of one kind or another. Due to the adjustment could not be absolutely accurate, making adjustment error. In the process system, workpiece and tool based on the location of each other in the machine tool accuracy, is by adjusting the machine tool, cutting tool, jig or artifacts to guarantee. When the machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and workpiece blank the original precision meet the process requirements without considering dynamic factors, the effect of adjusting error, play a decisive role on the machining accuracy.
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