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Shenzhen machinery parts processing - The choice of surface roughness

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-09
Surface roughness is reflected more parts surface micro geometry error is an important technical index, is the main basis for testing the surface quality of the parts; It chooses the reasonable or not, is directly related to the quality of the products, service life, and the cost of production. Shenzhen machinery parts processing machinery parts selection method of surface roughness has 3 kinds, namely, calculation method, experimental method and analogy method. In mechanical parts design work, the application of the most common is the analogy method, this method is simple, rapid and effective. Application of analogy method need to have enough resources, the existing various kinds of mechanical design manual provides more comprehensive information and documents. The most commonly used is compatible with the tolerance grade of surface roughness. Under normal circumstances, mechanical parts, the smaller the size tolerance requirement, the surface roughness value of the mechanical parts also is smaller, but and there is no fixed function relation between them. For example, some machines, the handles on the instrument, the handwheel and health equipment, food machinery of some mechanical parts on the modified surface, their surface processing very smooth surface roughness requirement is very high, but its size tolerance requirement is very low. Shenzhen machinery parts processing in the general case, the size tolerance requirement of parts, their level of tolerance and surface roughness has certain corresponding relationship between numerical value.
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