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Shenzhen machinery factory of nc machine tools machining process

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-13
More numerical control lathe processing machinery factory, shenzhen is referring to in the numerical control machine tool parts processing process. Nc machine tool is a kind of using computer to control the machine tool, used to control the machine computer, whether it's a dedicated computer, or general-purpose computer called numerical control system. With auxiliary motion of the nc machine tool movement and is controlled by CNC system of instruction. And numerical control system of instruction is the programmer by shenzhen machinery factory, according to the material of workpiece, the processing requirements, the characteristics of machine tool and the instruction format (stipulated in the system Numerical control language or symbols) To compile. Numerical control system according to the program instructions to the servo device and other features a run or end information to control the movement of the machine tool. When the parts at the end of the process, machine will stop automatically. Any kind of CNC machine tools, if no input in the numerical control system application instructions, numerical control machine can't work. Mechanical processing machine tool controlled movement is roughly including machine start and stop; Spindle start-stop, rotating direction and speed of transformation; Feed movement direction, speed, way; Cutting tool selection, the length and radius compensation; Tool change, cooling fluid of open, closed, etc. On the surface of the nc machine tool is selected from the start with modalities aircraft parts as processing object, the key to solve common processing method is difficult to solve. The biggest characteristic of nc machining is perforated tape ( Or tape) Control machine for automatic processing. Due to aircraft, rocket, and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rocket zero, component size large and complex type surface; Engine is zero, small size, high precision components. So shenzhen machinery factory processing of aircraft, rocket manufacturing sector and engine manufacturing department chooses nc machine tool is different. In the manufacture of aircraft and rocket mainly by large continuous control of CNC milling machine, and is used in engine manufacturing continuous control of nc machine tools, and using the position control of CNC machine tools ( Such as CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine, machining center, etc. ) 。
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