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Shenzhen computer gongs processing and surface processing of the opposite sex?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-08
Shenzhen computer gongs processing and surface processing of the opposite sex? Everybody is good, today small make up to introduce you to the shenzhen computer gongs machining how straight surface. Using CNC machining center processing the straight parts surface, its key work is reasonable processing program and select the appropriate tool, which work is relatively simple, can be completed quickly according to mould drawings and process requirements, process of preparation is the most important part of the processing and preparation, but also the most important to the whole mould processing is one of the main work. CNC machining center manufacturer shandong power heavy industry machine co. , LTD. Through the application of UG software in recent years, aiming at common technical difficulties in the manufacturing process, summed up a set of suitable for nc programming methods of various modalities. Its process includes: establishing mathematical model, determine the processing coordinate system, planning tool source files, etc. Before one, to set up the mathematical model of the model, we should first of all to model the characteristics of the order and establish a method for comprehensive consideration, use what kind of shape functions, the mathematical model is established for which the relationship must be appropriate when processing. Second, determine the processing coordinate system entity model is based on the work coordinate system, and CNC machining center tool source file generation is based on the processing coordinate system. Processing coordinate system origin of coordinates position should facilitate processors and fast to knife, at the same time convenient processing process needs to be the size of the calculation. Three, planning tool source files according to the structural characteristics of different on the surface of the model, computer gongs processing we can choose plane milling, cavity milling and fixed axis contour milling and other three have distinguishing feature each, complementary machining module planning all kinds of the cutter location source file. Above is small make up to you to summarize the shenzhen computer gongs machining how straight surface, if you need to know more information about the shenzhen computer gongs, welcome to click into our website https://www. henryparts。 com/
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