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Shenzhen CNC machining positioning base requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-01
Shenzhen, shenzhen CNC machining positioning base requires more CNC machining in each process will have a locating datum, this benchmark ensures that the program can accurate operation of the mechanical processing. Locating datum in CNC machining is one of the major step, only do this, the error of the workpiece is basic guarantee. Locating datum processing workpiece positioning base, known as the locating datum. As the surface of the locating datum, only the first step on the surface of the original, select blank positioning surface coarse benchmark. As a locating datum in the surface of each process has been processed, adopting the precision positioning on the surface of the benchmark. Parts diagram is used to determine the benchmark of dot, line, surface, referred to as the reference for the design. Cylindrical shaft sleeve parts precision machining, and part of the inner hole design datum axis, the design of the end face is B, C, benchmark hole cylindrical shaft radial runout. Measurement benchmark to complete the size and location of datum, referred to as the measuring datum. Inner hole axis cylinder radial runout measurement benchmark, check the length L, measured on the surface of the benchmark. Precision machining parts processing and assembly process using benchmark, known as the benchmark process. Benchmarking process is divided into different according to use assembly benchmark, measurement datum and location datum. Assembly benchmark assembly component or product component is used to determine when the position of the benchmark, known as the assembly benchmark.
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