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Sheet metal processing factory briefly analyses the overview and process of sheet metal

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-17
Sheet metal processing factory of sheet metal is analyzed briefly overview and process preparing, about sheet metal overview: sheet metal process in general basic equipment including shearing machine ( 剪切机) , CNC punch press ( 数控冲床) / laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine ( 裁切机) And bending machine ( 折弯机) And all kinds of auxiliary equipments such as: uncoiling machine, leveling machine, deburring machine, spot welding machine, etc. Usually, the four steps of the sheet metal process is the most important is cut, strong/cutting, folding, welding, surface treatment, etc. Sheet metal and plastic sometimes, this word is derived from the English platemetal, general is a few sheet metal by manually or stamping mould make its produce plastic deformation, forming the desired shape and size, and can be further by welding or a small amount of machining to form more complex parts, such as chimney is commonly used in family, tin furnace, and motor shell are sheet metal parts. Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. Concrete such as the use of plate making chimney, iron drum, and the size of the tank of the oil pot, ventilation pipe, elbow, head, nature round place, funnel, etc. , the main process is shear, bending, buckles, bending forming, welding, riveting, etc. , requires some knowledge of geometry. Sheet metal is sheet metal pieces, which is by stamping, bending, stretching and other means to processing of parts, a general definition is - In the process of machining the thickness of the same parts. Corresponding is casting parts, forging parts, machining parts, etc. , such as the outside of the car is iron clad sheet metal parts, some made of stainless steel kitchen utensils and sheet metal parts. Modern sheet metal process include: is the filament winding, laser cutting, heavy processing, metal bond, metal drawing, plasma cutting, precision roll forming, welding, sheet metal bending forming, die forging, water jet cutting, precision welding, etc. The surface of the sheet metal parts processing is a very important link, sheet metal processing process because it has to prevent the parts rust, beautify the appearance of the product, and so on. The effect of surface pretreatment of sheet-metal part is mainly to oil, scale, rust, etc. , it to prepare for the surface processing, and then is the main processing spray ( Roast) Paint, coating and plating rust layer. In the 3 d software, SolidWorks, UG, Pro/E, SolidEdge, TopSolid, CATIA, etc have a sheet-metal part, mainly through to the 3 d graphics editing the data required to get the sheet metal parts processing ( As an figure, bending line, etc. ) As well as the numerical control punch press ( 数控冲床) / laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine ( 激光、等离子体射流切割机) / composite machine ( 结合机器) And CNC bending machine ( 数控折弯机) Provide data. Second, the sheet metal processing factory & ndash; — Sheet metal process to prepare: 1. Familiar with drawings and relevant technical requirements, fully understand the parts manufactured by the geometric shape and size of requirements. 2. Material specifications acquisition, according to the requirement of the drawings and check whether the material is accord with the requirement of process. 3. In order to reduce consumption, improve material utilization, to take the suit cut reasonable calculation method. 4. The qualified materials neatly piled up near the machine. 5. Cheer for plate shears the oil hole. 6. Check whether the shear blade sharp and tighten, and adjust the blade clearance according to the thickness of the sheet metal. Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, sheet metal processing plants, batch parts processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980!
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