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Sheet metal processing factory about the application of sheet metal processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-05
Sheet metal processing factory about sheet metal processing and the application of sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. Concrete such as the use of plate making chimney, iron drum, and the size of the tank of the oil pot, ventilation pipe, elbow, head, nature round place, funnel, etc. , the main process is shear, bending, buckles, bending forming, welding, riveting, etc. , requires some knowledge of geometry. Sheet metal is sheet metal pieces, which is by stamping, bending, stretching and other means to processing of parts, a general definition is the thickness in the process of machining parts. Corresponding is casting parts, forging parts, machining parts, etc. The following is a sheet metal processing factory on the application of the sheet metal processing. Sheet metal workshop processing parts processing steps as follows: the early stage of the product testing, product processing manufacture and product batch production. When the trial product processing steps, should be timely communication with customers, and get the corresponding processing evaluation, and then to product batch production. Laser drilling technology in laser material processing technology is the first practical application of laser technology. Sheet metal workshop generally USES a pulsed laser, laser drilling in high energy density, time is shorter, can be processed 1 & mu; M holes, especially suitable for processing has a certain Angle and material thinner hole, also suitable for processing high strength hardness or soft material on the parts of brittle of deep and small hole. Laser parts of gas turbine combustor punching processing, punching effect can realize 3 d direction, quantity can reach thousands of. Can punch materials including stainless steel, nickel chromium iron alloy and haas Troy ( HASTELLOY) Base alloy. Laser drilling technology is not affected by material mechanics performance, automation is easier. Under now the development of the laser drilling technology, laser cutting machine to realize the automation of operation, now in the sheet metal industry application changes the traditional processing method of sheet metal technology, realizes the unmanned, offers a wide range of production efficiency, realize the fully automatic operation, driving the development of the sheet metal of the economy, in the aspect of perforating effect to promote the class a, processing effect was significant. The above content provided by the sheet metal processing factory
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