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Shaanxi precision parts processing, service national development

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-02
Shaanxi is a historical massiness, how many of his peers are not paying attention to the development of the local precision parts processing industry, so that ignore their existence! In ningbo precision machining industry, fierce competition, many large and small manufacturers, but shanxi CNC parts processing field, have the applause, who sing the situation. Why is this? Markets, differentiation advantage. Shaanxi precision parts processing enterprises are around the national strategic industry service, rarely in the field of production and processing of civil products. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is producing some familiar products and our daily life can't set foot in the field of aerospace products. But, precision parts processing industry in shaanxi province, is mainly do the national equipment manufacturing industry customers, domestic large aircraft, the long march rocket, shenzhou spacecraft, who in the nc machining parts of the products is to undertake OEM? Is shaanxi enterprises, ningbo precision machinery processing industry is to make the long-term neglect of peers, they are China's manufacturing industry in the existence of the unique! Deep in the western region for a long time, service national development, precision parts processing industry in shaanxi province for a long time for work, silently pays, has made the contribution to the republic will never forget! On the way of 'made in China 2025', shaanxi CNC parts processing industry is promising, many major breakthrough will make 1. 3 billion compatriots to wait and see.
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