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Say sprocket machining process

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-25
Say sprocket machining process in the chain of what its process, we'll look at. 1, in view of the high strength, high toughness, high hardness and other mechanical ways in processing materials, wedm machining is all the more its strong advantage. Traditional mechanical metal processing chain wheel in order to achieve high accuracy, high life, should first pretreating the tooth profile have a certain margin, after quenching and grinding in order to meet the requirements. Wedm machining can be directly hardening materials. While machining titanium alloy by wedm is ideal. 2. Low energy consumption, no pollution. A small gear shaper or milling machine power in commonly 3 ~ 7. 5 kw, large machine for dozens of kw. The wedm machine tool use is generally not more than 2 kw power. 3, wedm machining tool electrode is simple, mechanical processing different modulus sprocket needs corresponding modulus of cutting tool, cutting tool is complex, expensive. 4, easy to manufacture high precision and large stroke machine, satisfies the requirement of special parts for high precision level. The current domestic large straight tooth taper sprocket processing equipment is imported. Using wedm processing technology with no mechanical shock, high precision CNC system, CNC rotary table and the wire feeding nc synthesis, machining path consistent with the theoretical curve, can work out high precision parts. At present domestic machining diameter> 800 mm straight tooth cone sprocket gear shaper, its more advanced up to 6 levels of precision, surface roughness Ra, most commonly in 8 accuracy, surface roughness Ra. The wire cutting nc machining accuracy theoretically can more than grade 4. 5, no workpiece deformation processing, under the nc command control, high machining accuracy, as the standard involute tooth department or function curve, surface roughness, micro feed and many times. Machining precision can be up to 2 & mu; Best can reach 0 m, the surface roughness. 5μ m。 Sprocket processing precision machine tool can be used to jog the silk structure; Parts adopt high processing requirements of silk or brisk walking silk structure. Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, and batch processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980
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