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Say in shenzhen, the specific content of precision metal parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-24
More 1, precision parts processing spray paint processing: hardware factory in the production of bulk metal products are used the spray paint processing, hardware to avoid rust by spray paint processing, such as: daily necessities, electrical shell, arts and crafts, etc. 2, electroplating, electroplating and metal processing one of the most common kind of processing technology, through the modern technology of hardware surface plating, ensure product rusts not mildew under long time use, electroplating processing common are: screw, stamping parts, batteries, car parts, accessories, etc. , 3, shenzhen precision metal parts processing and processing: surface polishing processing generally longer used in daily necessities, burrs treatment on the surface of a metal products such as: we produce a comb, comb is by stamping parts, stamping out the comb edge horn is very sharp, we have to part by polishing the edges sharp thrown into the smooth face, so that in the process of use does not cause harm to human body. Turning cylindrical surface is precision parts processing and the basic methods of machining and round face, the equipment is used in lathe. In general machinery, lathe account for around 40% of the total number of machine tool. Turning roughing and semi-finishing material on the surface of the cylindrical main methods, and unfavorable grinding eventually finishing methods of various kinds of materials. Single small batch production, turning cylindrical surface in ordinary lathe. When mass production, the widespread use of multi-tool semi-automatic lathe and automatic lathe. Large-scale plate parts should be conducted on vertical lathe processing. Large long shaft parts processing should be carried out on heavy-duty horizontal lathe. Shenzhen metal processing cutting on the surface of the cylindrical features are: 1, simple tools, manufacturing, grinding and convenient installation; 2, smooth cutting process and cutting force fluctuation is small, is beneficial to use high cutting speed, improve the productivity; 3, machine versatility is good, can be processed in a clamping out round, end face, inner hole, thread and chamfering, etc. Each other between the various surfaces of the location accuracy is easy to guarantee; 4, shenzhen metal processing is suitable for finish machining of non-ferrous metal parts.
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