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Risk factors in the machining process control problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-02
More shenzhen machinery processing technology is the basic industry of national economy, also is the equipment industry of the national economy, taking for each department of national economy, various industries to provide technical equipment and tools of production tasks. So it is not only an important part of national industrialization is the material of national industrialization and technical support, to a large extent influence the development level of mechanical industry and even decides the technical progress and industrial development level in related sectors. According to the international labor organization, machinery manufacturing industry in the world every year about 100000 people dead in because of work, loss of work capacity of about 1. 5 million people, often of machinery industry safety in production accident, serious consequences. 1. Characteristics of mechanical processing production in the process of mechanical parts manufacturing, use remove excess material to obtain the needed parts or semi-finished products processing method called mechanical processing, and adopt to obtain the required components such as casting, forging, welding or rough machining method called molding process. Itself has the characteristics of mechanical processing industry are: 1. More than 1 type of work category of machining work including blacksmith, Turner, boring work, xigong, planer, worker, millers, fitter, driller, carpenter, stamping, blanking, riveter, sheet metal working, etc. , each job has its own characteristics and operation risk, different type and size of firms involved in the operation of the work also each are not identical
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