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Reduction of social security fees, good CNC parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-05
For the new champions league pneumonia outbreak to minimize the impact on small and medium-sized enterprises, government departments began to try a variety of means to help nc parts processing enterprises. Downtime has been for a month, a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have no production, cash flow are at risk, enterprise turnover under a lot of problems, the social from all walks of life are very heart of the problem. Labor-intensive enterprises, such as our machine to start the production in order to profit, halted also interrupt source of income, this is the common features of precision parts processing enterprises. However, during the outbreak, although we have no production, factories, utilities have to pay the rent, and employees of social security expenditure, make a lot of enterprise itself. Factory without income, have no income, but still increasing fixed costs, epidemic protection supplies is an additional part of many CNC parts processing enterprises through year just now, here comes a mark. If the outbreak continue for a period of time, many employees may face is cut and factory are in danger of closing, government departments are also releasing for the policy. Guangdong province has launched the periodic breaks enterprise social security policy, CNC parts processing industry really ushered in a timely rain. Although social security expenditure reduction is not a lot of money, but for the cash flow in jeopardy precision parts processing factory, is really an unexpected help, something is better than nothing, overcome difficulties and work together.
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