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Processing non-standard parts processing holes?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-29
More one, the first process route design and the selection of tool: according to the actual situation of stainless steel parts for holes to, can make the following process: coarse appearance inside the car - Semi finished the car shape - Fine shape inside the car - Fine hole ring groove inside the car - Surfacing slots. Tool choice, according to the nature of the stainless steel, the comprehensive consideration to choose the appropriate tool from all sides. Includes the following four points: 1, in order to avoid a workpiece falls off phenomenon, so will be selected and thread is milled reverse right hand tool. Non-standard parts processing 2, try to choose the shape of cutting tool and cutting trough ( Don't smooth The minimum cutting force, thus can reduce the influence of rigid. 3, the circular arc of the blade to moderate. Arc is too big, can produce fibrillation lines; Arc is too small, the tip damage easily, affect the service life of cutting tools. 4, on the choice of cutter bar to choose in the form of cooling, this will make in the process of machining parts are fully cooling, but also keep the corresponding control of chip removal direction. Two holes, stainless steel parts processing: 1, due to the parts of the structure of the form, can only be used when the lumenal turning thread clamping fixture positioning method for the clamping, the workpiece machining of special requirements, the center of gravity of irregular, it is easy to imbalances in the clamping system. At the same time for dimensional precision and coaxial degree, vertical degree requires a high degree of, if in the course of processing appear a little error, may be severe effects on the practical performance of parts. 2 holes, so for the stainless steel parts processing to the selection of cutting tool, cutting parameters and process routes of Settings, and so on have strict requirements, these factors will affect whether the parts processing after qualified. Three, cooling and chip removal problem: 1, on the cutting way to select tool rod cooling and cutter holder cooling in the way of combining the use of cutting fluid water solvent extreme pressure cutting fluid is used, it can guarantee the cooling effect to achieve the best effect. Outside for cooling in the process of cutting fluid and point to the parts, the part of the point contact with the parts will be rapid cooling, to avoid the cutting heat in the process of machining cutting on the negative effects of parts. 2, because after processing, in the process of boring, in the semi finished car, car each processing link should stop check and will be processed for timely clean, avoid chip winding parts have scratches on tool rod, serious could lead to a broken blade tip. Non-standard parts processing
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