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Processing method about CNC machined part appearance

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-23
Measures for the processing of CNC machined part appearance depends on the technical request processing appearance in the first place. But should pay attention to the technical request is not necessarily to the rules of the part drawing request, possibly still sometimes due to the reason of process in some way above the request on the part drawing. Such as benchmark because they overlap with progress on some CNC machined part appearance of processing the request. Or be able to come to its due to being fine benchmark higher processing the request. When I see the CNC machined part appearance technology request, can choose accordingly can guarantee measures for the final processing of the request and must be accompanied by several steps work and the work of the processing method. The choice of CNC processing parts processing method, should meet the quality of the parts, good high processing efficiency and consumption efficiency request. Therefore, when selecting machining method should consider the following elements in any kind of CNC machining method can obtain the machining accuracy and surface roughness has a considerable range, but as long as in a narrower range is the economy, the scope of the machining accuracy of machining accuracy is economy. Therefore, when choosing processing method, should choose appropriate ways for economic machining precision can be achieved to think about the nature of the CNC machined part information. To think about the structure of the CNC machined part shape and size. To think about consumption and economy requests. A large number of large consumption, high efficiency of advanced technology should be adopted. That can basically change the measures for the manufacture of blank can reduce machining the amount of labor.
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