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Processing complex parts, use it

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-13
Processing complex parts, use it to the quality of the precision parts processing plant is the most important choice. Positive heart of gear parameters are: modulus m = 4, number of teeth z = 9, the addendum coefficient ha = 1, tip gap coefficient C = 0. 25, addendum modification coefficient X = 0. 4, across a number of K = 2, common normal Wn = 19. 5 + 0. 2 + 0. 1 ( 毫米) CAXA does not provide professional gear modeling command, can pass the function curve modelling, but after the method was complicated and modification coefficient model more difficult. Part of the bottom of positive curved groove size is not easy to guarantee, two 90 & deg; The gap is not closed, closed to programming processing to do auxiliary line. The outline on the back side, there are two different direction of ellipse, center consists of circular arc, both inside and outside the six-party petals, up and down, there are two island arc curve, these elements also fillet in the processing, should choose reasonable model is more convenient. 2. Parts machining process analysis using CAXA manufacturing engineering parts, do not need to draw a complete parts processing, the first such long downtime, waste processing time. The second when choosing local processing, parts will be interference between the elements, it is not convenient for the program. When the software processing plane contour elements, support only draw parts contour line for rough and finish machining. Surface machining programming can be by entities or surface. Implement local processing must be used surface, some finishing selection command can only use surface processing. The rough machining commands can not only realize the rough machining, can also be used when finishing the command. Finishing translation form command can be used to track multiple layers, rough machining command track connection into a whole; Rough machining can command by setting the height, a layer of processing track into finishing command. “ CAXA manufacturing engineers & throughout; Planar contour elements, can use the plane area of rough machining and rough finish machining contour finishing finished parts, can also use the contour finishing used to do rough machining. Surface rough machining can use such as rough machining, can also use parameter line finishing and three-dimensional offset surface two finishing command used for rough and finish machining. Due to the high dimensional accuracy in this picture, decided to adopt roughing and semi-finishing and finishing to dimensional precision, semi-finishing and finishing in the same cutting tool and cutting parameters, tool's various geometric error can be corrected and elastic deformation of the parts, easy to guarantee the size, the important bottom finishing is also required. Using FANUC nc machining center for machining the parts, all of the tool path generator by FANUC rear format, transmission using CAXA bring communication function by FANUC set transport, for larger surface using online processing program; At the back of the ended on the tool path for machining programming. Select precision parts processing factory you're worth it. You just need to. We just professional. Please visit our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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