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Processing center, CNC parts quality absolutely

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-28
Dongguan nc parts processing also is very rich, but many customers prefer to place the order with ningbo dongguan. On the one hand is the geographic distance is too close, on the other hand is high in the ningbo machinery processing level. Ningbo mechanical parts processing walked in front of the national market, is also the dongguan many manufacturers imitate. Dongguan to ningbo procurement service, therefore, it is not hard to understand. Last month, Mr Tan, dongguan some auto parts enterprise to find our CNC parts processing center under a single, 100 sets of automobile mechanical parts processing. Cooperation down, a month old tan on the quality of our ningbo machining center CNC parts and services are quite satisfied. Afterwards just know, Mr Tan's head office is in ningbo, he is just the dongguan branch of purchasing director. So, his mechanical processing of dongguan and ningbo market is very understanding. In fact, over the years, ningbo many CNC parts processing center will be moved to dongguan. For customers with most dongguan machinery factory, is a good thing, closer to the customer the demand of the market. We are one of the few to precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, ningbo side of the marketing environment, logistics system is more conducive to our service clients all over the country. Whenever we have the dongguan customer inquiries, we have invited them to ningbo factory visits. Dongguan manufacturing industry development is very rapid in recent years, mechanical processing of demand growth is also very strong. Machining center CNC parts are the most familiar in ningbo, a large share of each order from dongguan market. Dongguan customers is highly recognized in ningbo parts processing quality, cooperation is nearly perfect. If you need to near ningbo processing services, must not miss our factory, welcome you to visit at any time!
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