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Processing and CNC lathe parts of the specific steps | | root program

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-06
Automatic CNC lathe is a kind of application of numerical control technology, CNC lathe parts processing good programming to complete the action in accordance with the advance of machine tools. It installed by program carrier, lose, CNC unit, servo system, location of reaction system and machine mechanical parts. CNC numerical control lathe machining parts parts processing foundation knowledge, parts of the processing steps in parts of CNC lathe machining parts, usually through the following steps: according to the pattern of processing parts and process plan, with the rules of the code and program format to write, and record it on the carrier; Don't want to work in the bottom, want to get rid of the status quo, want to learn UG programming, to learn programming of CNC machining. Install the program on the carrier after the input input into the CNC unit 3. CNC unit after disposal, the input program to machine the coordinate of the servo system sends a signal to 4. Signal from the servo system based on the CNC unit, driving the moving parts of machine and auxiliary operation and control. After machine mechanical components to drive the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece, the processing of the workpiece 6 requests. Detect the movement of the numerical control lathe, and after installation of reaction to the CNC unit, in order to reduce the machining error. Is not, of course, about the open-loop CNC lathe detection and response system.
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