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Precision stamping parts processing and automobile

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-20
For precision parts processing in the field of automobile, the entire factory process core, is the four big step stamping, welding, painting and assembly. In recent years, in the process are introduced intelligent production. Stamping technology as the first of the four process of mechanical parts processing, is the key equipment in auto precision parts processing, and auto intelligent processing of top priority. The current automatic stamping production line has been put into production, the basic six axis are standard industrial intelligent CNC parts processing equipment, compared with the recent seven axis robot, six axis intelligent precision parts processing costs are lower. Both on the flexibility, and later on the maintenance of six axis intelligent processing is very has the advantage, but the level of the stamping process need to be 180 degrees rotation, leads to the complexity of intelligent mechanical parts processing has a higher standard, therefore seven axis robot technology to overcome these problems very well. In auto stamping production line, many auto precision parts processing enterprises at present due to funding restrictions, also dare not large-scale introduction of intelligent CNC parts processing equipment. Such as a ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are introduced into intelligent use of six sets of ABB robot, three sets of six axis intelligent CNC parts processing equipment used to buttress, tail first feeding line and line cutting, three seven axis intelligent CNC parts processing equipment for compressor parts between transmission. Equipment upgrade, certainly need the money. Intelligent is the trend of the future automobile precision parts processing enterprises. Through the six intelligent CNC parts processing configuration is the whole line machine, not only achieve the perfect combination of high speed and flexible, and quick speed, total time within 120 seconds, and greatly improves the production efficiency. In the absence of manpower, to a certain extent to ensure the safety of the precision parts processing.
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