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Precision parts processing, why is difficult?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-21
Every arrive the end of the year, precision parts processing industry continues to make news is negative. Some ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory to prepare production, some ready to job cuts, in this winter is really chill. Financially aware, the reason is nothing but 'to maintain it. If you want to ask these factories, why can't keep down? Must be without profit, maintain production line is also losing money, machinery parts processing cost is too high now. 'Keep it,' is the common voice of many precision parts processing enterprise boss! In fact, such a feeling, not only this year, as early as several years ago, many people have noticed that our mechanical parts processing industry has been in the cycle of 'high cost, low returns'. Open factory, really is more and more thankless, but some old customers orders can't suddenly break again, you have to go on. In recent years, private investment in precision parts processing industry has been declining, now basically is negative. Think that year, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of some of the backbone, resignation go out, CNC parts processing production line and the land is. Now in a factory, machinery parts processing orders are unsustainable, return not equal to the time to go to real estate, catch up with the soaring house prices, money faster. If once precision parts processing enterprises have turned into the real estate and financial, for our country, also is not good, I'm afraid. The founding of a country, is always the real economy, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is the vein. When labor to get rich is no longer a belief that when they lay money chase, who else would be willing to come to our mechanical parts processing industry. Any time, a country can not manufacturing!
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