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Precision parts processing which points you need to know?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-24
More precision parts processing which points you need to know? Friends know know precision parts processing, precision processing is one of the very strict process, no matter for feeding, or other processes, or accuracy, size is very strict process. The precision parts processing, what should follow the requirements and standards to ensure low or even zero defect rate? Under the given yuan industrial below small make up to introduce the specific requirements of the precision parts processing and standard: for precision parts processing mainly size requirements, such as the cylinder diameter is how many, have strict requirements, plus or minus error in the range of specified requirements is eligible parts, or are unqualified parts; Three high also have specific strict requirements, plus or minus error also has a regulation, such as an embedded type cylinder ( Get the most basic components, for example) , if the diameter is too large, more than the range of allowable error, will cause, not go in, if the actual diameter is too small, more than the negative value of allowable error threshold, will cause is too loose, inserted in unstable problem. These are all substandard products, or cylindrical length is too long or too short, beyond the range of allowable error, are unqualified products, is will be obsolete, or reprocessed, this will inevitably result in an increase in the cost.
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