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Precision parts processing, to ensure production schedule

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-26
Just at the beginning of this month, zhaoqing mr. chen contact to our company, from a precision parts processing drawings of the model. Mr. Chen is very urgent to communicate with our customer service, very care about our CNC machining parts factory delivery, as long as can guarantee the delivery date, price can be talk, best can advance the time of delivery. If not meet their delivery requirement, they also hard to place an order here, one ticket is rejected. What reason is this? Originally, on a cooperation with Mr. Chen machinery parts factory, is because prices touched them. But it has not agreed, 10 days of delivery precision parts processing products of action, just for half a month, their company have no alternative. Such yituo, serious delayed their product development schedule. Because Mr. Chen is responsible for the project, and his looking for the manufacturer, to being criticized many times! Know Mr. Chen's situation, we laughed at. The nc parts processing customers, we have not met for the first time. In our customer service point of view, several around the customers every week. As long as it is to choose those small precision parts processing factory cooperation with the customer, because less less production equipment and technical personnel, a delivery delay would not be so surprising. STH over and over again, after the customer still want to find suppliers. We told Mr. Chen, order here, was completely don't have to worry about the previous situation. We are a company with more than 10 years experience of mechanical parts processing plant, with their own workshop, dozens of imported processing equipment, technical team has more than 50 people, high efficiency, fast delivery cycle. We can not only response to the needs of customers at any time, but also never delay customer delivery, precision parts processing production schedule is guaranteed in our factory, welcome general customers come to visit our factory cooperation!
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