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Precision parts processing quality is expressed in the machining accuracy

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-27
A, parts interchangeability of ningbo precision parts processing factory, the machine by the long-term production operation, some parts will wear, deformation and scrap, switch to a new parts. These parts are called accessories or spare parts. Accessories or spare parts without replacement or selected, installed on the machine can operate, known as interchangeable. When parts are manufactured in order to achieve the compatibility, it wants to put the size of the parts geometric shape, etc are doing the same. Agreement is not required to do perfectly ( Do both neither economic nor likely) , as long as the size of the parts, such as geometry control within a permissible range, making parts and other parts together with the combination of the same performance. The allowed error range, that is, position tolerances. Second, precision parts processing quality by machining accuracy: 1. Geometric accuracy of geometry accuracy refers to the component parts of each or axis of the accuracy of the geometric shape of the surface, such as line is straight, the surface is flat, cylindrical on all normal section are round and so on. The allowed scope of changes to 'tolerance', form tolerance, the smaller the number, shape accuracy is higher. 2. Ningbo precision parts processing factory analysis, dimensional precision dimension precision is refers to the parts processing after accurate size, with the dimensional tolerance. Parts of the same size, the higher the accuracy, tolerance of the smaller number. 3. Ningbo precision location precision parts processing factory, location accuracy is refers to the component parts of the accuracy of the position between the surface, such as whether two plane are parallel, vertical, whether two axis coaxial, etc. , to 'position tolerance'. The shape and position tolerance, hereinafter referred to as 'tolerance'.
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