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Precision parts processing, precision than expected

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-27
Often do precision parts processing friends all know that this is a strict accuracy requirement. If can not meet the accuracy requirement, the parts will be scrapped, basically so find a precision can meet the drawing requirements of precision machinery parts processing factory is important. However, precision parts processing service suppliers in the market now is too many, intertwined and make a lot of customers, for will also difficult to assess their strengths. Is this kind of situation, in recent years, the number of precision machinery parts processing factory in the sharp growth. Manufacturer that can provide large and small precision parts processing services, some may be 3, 4 machine, 4, 5 people can form a team, do some demand is not high precision parts processing or can be, but high precision machining, estimation is no customers can rest assured cooperation. We can is a worthy of trust, in contrast, precision machinery parts processing. Our precision parts processing services, whether it's accuracy, or delivery, or the processing technology, can very good control, no more than 10 years, there have been a case of a customer complaint. We have high precision CNC processing equipment and five-axis machine, the entire technical team the average length of service in more than five years, not only makes a lot of new and old customers praise is preferred, also let a lot of ningbo machining of envy. There are a lot of been foreign mechanical processing factory with customer, at the time of going to give up precision parts processing projects, thanks to a friend's recommendation to find our precision machinery parts processing factory, everything has changed, to produce products precision can reach + 0. 02 mm, the other company instantly 'the you find place, get whole don't bother' feeling, so that become our company's long-term cooperation customers.
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