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Precision parts processing possibility and convenience

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-24
More precision parts processing manufaturability reflected in what respect? Precision parts processing manufaturability scope is very wide, in this only from two aspects of processing the possibility and convenience of analysis. Mainly parts processing on the pattern size data should conform to the principle of programming is convenient, 1) Dimensioning methods in detail drawing should be adapted to the characteristics of nc machining in precision parts processing, should be in the same reference cited size, or given coordinates size directly. 1. This annotation method convenient for programming, also facilitate coordination between size, benchmark in keeping the design basis, process, test datum and programming the consistency of the origin set has brought great convenience. 2. Because typically more ground in the dimensioning parts design consideration of using features such as assembly, and had to use local dispersed labeling method, it will bring many inconvenience process arrangement and nc machining. 3. Due to precision parts machining accuracy and repeat precision is very high, will not be destroyed because of the accumulation of large error using features, thus to scatter local labeling method is changed to the same reference cited size or directly coordinates, the size of the labeling method is given. ( 2) When the manual programming to calculate basis points or nodes coordinates. In automatic programming, precision parts processing to constitute parts contour of all geometric elements are defined. So on the analysis of part drawing, to analyze whether the given conditions of geometric elements. Such as arc and straight line, arc and arc tangent on pattern, but given the size of the according to the figure, when calculating the tangent condition, turned into the intersection or from the state. Due to constitute parts of precision machining parts, the inadequate geometry elements conditions, make the programming can't laid hands on him. In this case, shall negotiate with parts designers.
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