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Precision parts processing industry, how to face the automakers lay-offs

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-22
The auto industry, has always been our important downstream customers precision parts processing industry. In the international industrial division of labor in the car, ningbo precision machining is one of the important link. Many Japanese automakers, German automakers and ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturers have long-term cooperation. But, in a recent years, auto sales dropped significantly, the Japanese automakers, German car companies have reduced the purchase order, and start the planned layoffs. Just last week, the parent of Benz Daimler announced that it will launch in the next three years, 10000 job cuts. For mercedes-benz precision spare parts suppliers, this is not a good news, I'm afraid, orders for the next three years, I'm afraid there will be decreased significantly. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that, in fact, Daimler is not the first, audi, The mass) And BMW has already started the layoffs or pay cuts. Actually car companies and auto precision parts processing enterprises face an environment are the same, of course, car companies, in the front of the market, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer in the supply of the back-end. Poor sales, new energy vehicles, transformation and the external environment uncertainty, is recent auto companies open source throttling the main source of pressure. The backend where, also not good cooperation with auto enterprises in ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have already felt the chill of the market. Auto industry is in the midst of the largest in the history of adjustment cycle, the trend of time, I'm afraid it is difficult to see, in recent years, auto precision parts processing enterprise must be ready to austerity. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is expected, many in traditional auto companies lost order, by order of the new energy automobile repair back, too too optimistic. This adjustment, a wave of automobile industry is not only a traditional cars, including new energy vehicles.
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