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Precision parts processing, how to obtain the customer's orders?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-26
Every smart products at the beginning of the design research and development, all need to come out a batch of model validation was done through the precision parts processing, if there is no problem to start mass production, so a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer arises at the historic moment. In the design development, provide model for the development of enterprises processing services, although the amount is very small, but you can get back order of mass production and the market share is significant. To do precision machining parts, CNC machining parts should be prepared in addition to the 3 d drawings, also need to find a strength of the manufacturers. Although ningbo precision machining a reputation throughout the country, so what kind of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory in order to let the customer order? Why some factory work overtime to catch the order, some factory production line is idle? Order to obtain precision parts processing, the first thing to see factory processing experience. The specific needs of different customers, matching suppliers ability are also different. If I had not to choose the right means of processing and surface processing, machinery parts processing out of the effect is ideal, so customers will be lost. The technology processing experience of the intimate relationship with suppliers. Second, pay attention to the details of the suppliers are more likely to get the favour of customers. Precision parts processing contest is final details on the kung fu, see details. You have the detail processing of well, your order will be more for sure. Due to mechanical parts processing is linked to every working procedure, if the CNC machining, polishing is very troublesome, Only to be precise, the each link will not appear the quality problem. So, let customer satisfaction, we must keep improving on detail, suppliers can be in an impregnable position in competitiveness, customer orders will be more and more. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory in order to let the customer order, need to have rich experience in precision parts processing production, at the same time also need to each processing link do nearly perfect!
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