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Precision parts processing future worth our serious thinking!

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-23
Now precision parts processing on the precision requirement is high, so demanding, now have in mechanical equipment, processing work is much faster, quality issues, but also for auxiliary machinery and equipment, now in quality, and has been improved on workmanship, precision machining technology is also constantly updated, updated the benefits of more obvious. Precision parts processing industry current development rapidly, how to seize the opportunity, under the current situation is all industries must understand our precision parts processing industry development trend. By below small make up to introduce the four, has analyzed our country precision parts processing industry in the future or will present the four trends: a further extend as nc machine tools, machine tool composite technology progress, composite processing technology mature, including milling - Car compound, car milling compound, - Boring - The drill - Such as composite gear processing, grinding compound, forming composite processing, special composite processing, such as precision machining efficiency is greatly increased. Second, intellectualizing technology of nc machine tool has the new breakthrough, in the numerical control system on the performance of more. Such as: automatic collision interference power function, the workpiece automatically when the power is out of safety protection function, the processing parts detection and automatic compensation function learning, intelligent promoted the function and quality of machine tool. Five-axis linkage is more the advent of high speed machining center. Three robots, robot flexible combination efficiency is higher and the flexible combination of host is widely used, make flexible line more flexible, further expansion of functions, flexible line further shorten, the efficiency is higher. Robot and machining centers, milling machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine tool, tool grinding machine, electric machine, sawing machine, punching machine, laser machine, water cutting machine and so on various kinds of flexible unit and flexible production line has been used. Four, precision parts processing technology has a new progress of CNC metal-cutting machine tools machining precision has ascended from grade wire current micron grade, some species have reached 0. 0 mu m or so. Ultra-precision CNC machine tool cutting and grinding, fine precision can achieve stable 0. 0 mu m or so, the shape precision can reach 0. 0 'mu m or so. Use the energy such as light, electricity, chemical special machining precision can reach nanoscale. Through the machine tool structure design optimization, the superfinishing machine parts and precision assembly, using high-precision full infinite loop control and dynamic error compensation technology, such as temperature, vibration, and into the era of submicron, nanoscale superfinishing. Feature performance improving features to high speed, high precision, high power and intelligent direction, and the application of mature. Full digital ac servo motor and drive device, high technology content of motorized spindle, torque motor, linear motor, the high performance linear rolling components, features such as high precision spindle unit, greatly improve the level of nc machine tool technology.
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