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Precision parts processing, for client confidentiality

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-26
As we know, precision parts processing customer 3 d drawings are their company's trade secrets. Many big companies in CNC machining parts supplier selection, attaches great importance to the secrecy of partners. Especially for long term cooperation supplier selection, plant size, processing equipment, processing experience, the technical team, after-sales service and security measures will be in overall scale, and secret link is a top priority! ! ! ! In precision parts processing, here we do regardless of whether the customer mentioned in secrecy, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will emphasize our security measures with our customer, so customers can rest assured in our cooperation, do not have to worry about their 3 d drawings on commercial secret will be leaked out, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer! After all, we precision machinery processing industry in ningbo's agriculture for more than 10 years, numerous large and small precision parts processing customers, we are all looking forward to a long-term cooperation, will keep commercial secrets for the customer, the initiative for the customer to consider all risk control measures. A more than 10 years of CNC machining parts supplier, can withstand the double inspection of market and customers, can rest assured the cooperation!
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