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Precision parts processing factory about parts processing technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-02
Precision parts processing factory about parts processing technology of precision machinery parts manufacturing process, on the premise of ensure the quality of the parts, proposed has good comprehensive technical and economic benefits, feasible process plan design process is referred to as parts of the process. The following is a precision parts processing small make up about parts processing technology for everyone. Production process and process: 1, the production process: from design drawings to product, to go through a series of manufacturing process. Will usually raw materials or semi-finished products into the product passes through all the process is called the production process. 2, the technological process of composition: parts of the machining process is composed of a number of processes, each process step and by location, industry, feeding and installation. Parts of the process: first, make the technical process requirements and steps of process planning is to guide the production of technical documents, process planning must be economic and reasonable. Parts of the processing methods and steps of process planning is the parts. Content: the processing technology, Heat treatment process) , determine the process used in the machine tool, the clamping method, measurement method, the machining allowance, cutting dosage and man-hour quota, etc. Will fill in all the content in a certain form of the card, this is the discipline of machining process, the machining process card. Second, the parts of process analysis, the main contents are as follows: ( 1) Check whether the parts of the drawings is complete and correct, analyze the main table and the precision of the parts, tables, and integrity, technical requirements, etc under the condition of existing production could reach. ( 2) Select proper material of workpieces, whether can make process becomes difficult and complicated. ( 3) Review parts molding process, check parts structure whether can be manufactured economically and effectively. Third, there are several commonly used process file. ( 1) Machining process card, its main function is the brief explanation of machining process is obtained. ( 2) Machining process card: for process as much as possible detailed, complete, in addition to process directory, and each procedure of process card. Precision parts processing factory & ndash; — Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, batch parts processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980
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