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Precision parts processing error and precision of the relationship

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-22
Precision parts machining precision is the actual size, shape, position on the surface of the parts after three geometrical parameters and geometric parameters of conform to the drawing requirements. The ideal geometric parameters, for size, it is average size; For surface geometry is absolute round, cylindrical, flat, cone and straight line, etc. ; For surface location between, is absolutely parallel, perpendicular, coaxial, symmetry, etc. Precision parts actual geometric parameters and the ideal geometrical parameters deviation value is called machining error. Degree of machining accuracy is mainly used in the production of products, the machining accuracy and machining error are evaluation of surface geometry parameters of the term. The machining accuracy as measured by the tolerance grade level value is smaller, its precision is higher; Expressed in numerical processing error, the greater the value, the error is bigger. Machining precision is high, is the processing error is small, and vice versa. Tolerance grade from IT01 IT0 IT1, IT2, IT3 IT18 a total of 20 to one of the highest IT01 said if the parts machining precision, IT18 said the parts machining precision is the lowest, generally is IT7, IT8 machining accuracy of medium level. Any processing method of actual parameters are not absolutely accurate, look from the function of the parts, as long as the machining error on the part drawing requirements, within the limits of tolerance is considered to ensure the machining accuracy. Machine depends on the quality of the machining quality of parts and machine assembly quality, precision parts processing quality includes parts processing precision and surface quality of two parts.
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