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Precision parts processing, discussion: hardware processing of the three

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-23
More precision parts processing, discussion: hardware processing of three vane hardware processing three vane: looking forward to the 12th five-year plan, not only contains the important strategic opportunities in China, and adjustment and transformation will be gave birth to a new round of economic prosperity. Through the development and reform commission announced late last year the eight key issues of the 12th five-year plan ( Respectively is: to expand domestic demand, enhancing innovation, promoting urbanization, regional harmonious development, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve public services, the economic system reform, change the pattern of China's foreign economic development) And the subsequent reports and analysis, we think: 'twelfth five-year' period is an important period of strategic opportunities of China's economic and social development, is also China's economic development stage critical period of transition from industrialization mid to late, due to the external environment, system reform, industrialization and informatization and urbanization, the influence of such factors as economic development will show many different from the period of '11th five-year plan' period of the new characteristics and new trend. 1, low carbon energy saving the wind now, IT technology attenuation, leading the world economic growth in the global economy needs a new growth point to trigger a new round of growth, which makes the new energy and low carbon economy as the starting point of a green economy, has been rapid development. These are undoubtedly proved that some prescient metal processing industry has gone on the way to the green development. With the continuous consumption of non-renewable resources, low carbon, energy saving will be lasting hanging down. 2, the independent brand wind for a long time, Chinese enterprises, especially the hardware business, does not have its own brand and technology, most are based on 'human hardware processing factory' this image appeared on the stage of world trade. With the constant improvement of the economic level, already can see more and more obvious the restriction of the model for economic development. Hardware parts processing enterprises in China in order to get the development, must have its own independent technology, must from the producer to the creator, must take innovation as the breakthrough point, sets up the quality is the life of the enterprise the development concept, to strengthen the integrity and responsibility consciousness, improve product competitiveness, make quality products into the market at home and abroad, to promote the enterprise image and status. 3, the hardware to the countryside wind rural villages and towns has been a huge potential consumer market, especially with the rapid development of economy in recent years, household environment renovation, upgrading of township and village enterprises, makes the market for hardware products in a heightened state of demand. The fai thinks about it, 'hardware to the countryside' on the one hand can bring contribution for urban and rural insist, on the other hand also enlarged the hardware parts processing product market demand, the huge potential in the countryside consumption demand into realistic purchasing power, and at the same time to effectively promote a hardware enterprise service network coverage, for domestic enterprises set up the brand, is fully staffed.
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