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Precision parts processing cutting tool to beat?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-26
More is precision parts processing equipment manufacturing consumption in our country, the current remanufacturing is from an unknown to the basic industry, the development of the industry enterprises and users understanding of remanufacturing still relatively shallow. The current resource allocation in market environment, the key to the development of remanufacturing industry lies in the market, the relevant departments shall actively guide enterprise, support the development of the industry, the shorter time to expand market capacity. Precision parts processing machinery factory in 2013, shenzhen industry supply and demand situation and policy environment analysis: domestic demand situation: macro economy can rebound slightly this year, but inflation pressure will be greater than this year. External method: growth will continue to slow, more favorable factors in all respects. Supply situation: acquisition of interest slowly rising fiscal easing interest pressure, human interest continues to increase steadily, engineering machinery circulation links such as inventory, transition capacity expansion is one of the biggest risks. Industrial policy is good for mechanical industry through appropriate layout. For all the applications in the mold processing, attention must also have some further consideration. For example must keep in mind the high-speed spindle in the increase of cutting speed at the same time promised to feed rate is greatly increased. This makes the small diameter cutter can used for rough machining can also be used to finish machining, the same time to obtain the same or better productivity, and promised to get closer to the approximation of the final shape. Based on choosing the right tool rod design, tool balance to prevent excessive vibration and thus also to tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracy, even is the life of the spindle is important to have a bad effect tool to beat. After the global economic storm, such as the European debt crisis, China's economy outshine others, China machine tool industry for many years also the number of the world. CNC parts, China machine tool industry has to aim at the world first-class, among the advanced ranks of the moment. Although Chinese machine tools and machine tools abroad in reliability, digital manufacturing, at the top of the key parts etc, differences still exist nor can seize the day. More and more domestic advanced machine tool manufacturers into China, from time to time intensify investment in the Chinese market and expand. Market competition hots up, many small and medium-sized enterprise phenomenon of excess production capacity, product homogeneity is very serious.
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